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Social Media Recruiter Training

Social media isn’t about having the biggest number of followers or sending out hundreds of cold messages. It’s about creating a message that resonates with your community and draws them to want to work with you. Social media is about building connections, trust, and authority in your area.

In these branding and social media training workshops, we work with your team on developing strategies for content creation to market your recruiting team.

In the age of social media and technology changing how we recruit, it’s time to get ahead or risk being left behind!

We offer several different packages to meet your needs. If you want to maximize your outcomes, we highly recommend the 2-day in-person training. This package not only teaches your team the fundamentals of social media and WHAT to post. But, it also goes into HOW to create the content and post it.

Social Media Workshops Offerings:

Full-Day Branding + Growth workshop

  • Creating your own personal brand and brand identity
  • Understand what travelers want from recruiters/agencies
  • Learning the traveler mindset and why travelers travel
  • Identifying your ideal traveler
  • Which platforms to use to attract your ideal candidate
  • Learning how to create content to reach your ideal traveler
  • Understanding the social media marketing funnel and how to walk a candidate through the journey from a lead to a book traveler
  • Understanding social media platforms and why one strategy doesn’t fit all
  • Content strategy to help you stand out and attract your ideal job candidate
  • Creating high-quality content that gets noticed
  • Unspoken recruiter/traveler rules of social media

2 Day Branding, growth, and interactive learning sessions

  • Small group breakaway sessions for individual feedback and practice creating content
  • Individual audits of accounts
  • Taking you inside the apps to teach you how to actually create the content
  • Teaching you how to create content over Canva, CapCut, and other popular user-friendly content-creating and editing apps.
  • Content creation labs

Plus, ongoing follow-up calls are available to hold your team accountable to actually put into action the things that we discuss. 

Ready to learn more? Send us some information about you and what you are most interested in and we will reach out to chat about what workshop would best suit your needs.